BIOMA – The New World (ENG)



BIOMA – The New World

Bioma is a narrated artbook that takes you through a complex and compelling post-apocalyptic world. Meet fascinating civilizations that have to survive on a planet where humankind isn’t the dominant species anymore and fantastic, gargantuan, creatures that roam the earth. Explore how humankind struggles amidst the whims of these mysterious beings in everyday life – fighting, escaping, and at times worshipping them, showcased in a collection of anthological stories accompanied by lovingly crafted and breathtaking artworks that illustrate the world in minute detail.

Fantasy/Post-Apocalyptic illustrated book, realized by IPA Studio

Deluxe Hardcover Book, 176 pages, fullcolor. Size 21×27,4 cm. English Language.
Published by Tora Edizioni ©2023 Tora S.r.l. & IPA Studio. All rights reserved.

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